Oh hell yeah! Listen, everybody acknowledges that gender reveals are super lame now. They were never not lame but there was a small window there where watching dudes swing and miss at powder-filled softballs was super entertaining. There’s nothing more satisfying than making fun of people failing at seemingly simple sports activities. But like anything else on the internet, people liked gender reveals at first and now hate them because the market is saturated. It’s become the same thing over and over and over again. Most of the time it’s unathletic white people at a backyard BBQ trying to do athletic things in order to announce the gender of their stupid baby. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Well that’s what it had been until the folks above changed the game completely. A tuba gender reveal is the opposite of lame. A tuba gender reveal feels like a blast of fresh air in an otherwise stale space. The blue smoke billowing outta the tuba was a sight to see. Not to mention that party looked LIT. It’s like the people at the party were having such a good time they forgot why they were there so the place EXPLODED when they saw blue smoke. That’s how it should be. Make the reveal part of the party but not the central attraction. Invite people over, get them so drunk that they don’t remember why they’re there, build up the hype with a live band and then drop the hammer with the tuba gender reveal. That wasn’t just a gender reveal. That was art. The game done changed.