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3 Years Ago Today, Mikey and Jay From Malden Thought They Found a Baby Whale in Boston Harbor

This is, without a doubt, still my favorite video of all time. Such a roller coaster. First they think its a sea turtle, then they think it’s a baby whale, then they think its a flounder, then they think it’s a “tuner”, then they’re back to thinking it’s a baby whale again. First they want to help it, then they think it’s already dead, then they decide they want to hook it because “that’s still good meat on that fucking fish kid, AM I LYIN??” Unfortunately Mikey learns that it’s tough to hook  a giant sunfish when “Jay’s got a little fucking fishing hook ah you shitting me?” My sneaky favorite part of the video is when Mikey goes “PULL BACK UP!” and Jay murmurs under his breath “what if its motha’s around!’ Fuck I don’t even know why I’m writing this all out when a graphic like this exists.
DnTTBBmVYAAaF41When this video first came out it was HUGE. Mikey and Jay were invited on Jimmy Kimmel, they started selling loads of merch related to the video, TV show producers started reaching out. However, with great viral fame comes great scrunity and eventually articles like this started coming out.

Screen Shot 2018-09-18 at 10.22.57 AM

Mikey had a pretty hefty criminal record but honestly, who gives a fuck? I don’t remember anytime in that video where he claimed to be a model citizen. I’d prefer if my politicians, teachers, hollywood stars, and friends didn’t have shady backgrounds but even that’s not the case most of the time these days. However, when it comes to dudes who film shaky cellphone videos that just happen to go viral, I couldn’t care less about their personal history. Mikey Bergin wasn’t able to turn his viral video into a boatload of money like the Cassshmeoutside Girl and Yodel Boy, but if there’s any silver lining, he did end up using his 15 minutes of fame to shed some light on the Massachusetts opioid epidemic. Here’s to hoping you stay clean Mikey, thanks for the laughs.