Two Guys With The Same Job Decided To Start Going After Each Other Publicly Yesterday


So yesterday people started talking shit left and right. Sure, it was on Twitter and during press conferences, but people were excited to go after each other yesterday. Well, the one that I was listening to the most was all about the biggest game on Saturday.

Mississippi State at Kentucky.

More importantly you had the 3rd team in 4 weeks talking shit about Benny Snell, which is simply a bad decision. You see Benny Snell is a big dude that could probably run over someone if he really wanted to and he has. I don’t know if he’s been around Kylin Hill and kept a secret, but I’m getting the sense these running backs don’t really like each other.

Now, you can say Snell started it following the Murray State game presser when he said the offense doesn’t fear anyone. It’s true, Kentucky is playing a bit different this year as there’s a sense of confidence from this team. He’s also right that he’ll run over anyone. He’s averaging over 6 yards a carry so far this year and has run for 2,799 yards so far in his career.

Here’s the other thing. Mississippi State defenders have to be pissed at Hill. He’s a running back. He doesn’t have to deal with a fired up Benny Snell. He’s not the one that has to try to tackle him. He just has to stay on the sidelines, watch Snell run and then try to do the same offensively.

Oh and this didn’t get me excited at all: