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Which Number Will Be Higher At The End Of The Season? Khris Davis Home Runs Or Baltimore Orioles Wins?

So this is something I’ve been keeping my eye on recently and with the end of the season in sight, I think we have to discuss it. Which number will be higher when the season wraps up? Home runs by Oakland Athletics slugger, Khris Davis or wins by your Baltimore Orioles? This will be an insanely close race.

Today is September 19th and Khris Davis has 43 home runs, the Orioles also have 43 wins. Dead even right now with 11 games left to play. With all but 3 games vs divisional opponents, this Orioles team could easily not win more than 46 or 47 games, I can’t believe that is an actual sentence I just typed out. They play Toronto tonight, head out on the road for a series vs the Yankees who will be trying to secure home field advantage for the Wild Card game, then they will go to Boston, where they will have clinched the division, so that could be some games of rest for the big guys on the Sox, and then they wrap it up with 4 at home against Houston. So the Orioles finish with 3 straight series against arguably the 3 best teams in the AL, not great for their chances to finish with more wins than Khris Davis has homers. And let’s not count out JD Martinez either, he has 41 so he’s a good game away from being right there too. 5 games at home where the Orioles aren’t good (26-50) and 6 on the road where the Orioles aren’t very good either (17-58).

Remaining Orioles Schedule and Orioles Record Vs Them

1 vs Toronto 4-14

3 @ New York 6-10

3 @ Boston 2-14

4 vs Houston 0-3

Davis has been on fire this season, he has 43 homers on the season, with 22 of them coming after the ASB. Hard to believe the guy  has back-to-back 40 homer seasons, and has 128 since coming to Oakland in 2016. He’s one of the least talked about power hitters in the game, and it’s probably because he plays out in Oakland. I’m pulling for them to make a run in the playoffs so casual baseball fans can really get a taste of how good this guy is. The Athletics are 6.5 games up on Tampa (whaaaaat?) for the 2nd Wild Card spot, so barring any historic collapse, I think it’s safe to say they will make the playoffs. So the last few games will be meaningful for the A’s and they won’t be resting Davis or anyone else. Let’s take a look at the upcoming schedule and pitchers Khris Davis will face to end the season.

2 vs Angels

vs Felix Pena – 1/3 1 HR

vs Matt Shoemaker – 6/11 2 HR

3 vs Twins

vs Jose Berrios – 1/3 0 HR

vs Kyle Gibson – 1/5 0 HR

vs Kohl Stewart – 1/3 1 HR

3 @ Mariners (Seattle has only listed Mike Leake as starter, no one else yet)

vs Mike Leake – 6/24 1 HR

3 @ Angels

vs Jaime Barria – no at-bats

vs Tyler Skaggs – 5/13 – 2 HR

vs Felix Pena – 1/3 1 HR

So there you go, Davis has homered against almost everyone that he will be facing to close the year, it wouldn’t surprise me if he ended the season on a tear and came close to 50, while the Orioles have absolutely no chance of getting to the half century mark. If there is a place to bet on this, hammer Khris Davis HR total being higher than the Orioles win total. What a sad, depressing blog this was, an individual player having more home runs than a team has wins at the end of the season. Sports man, they’re something else.