The 'Rocky' Musical Opened On Broadway Last Night....TO GOOD REVIEWS


Adrian’s Revenge! “Very Energetic.” “Fabulous.” “Worth The Money!” Don’t care if it’s like a shitty movie where the only good reviews they have for teasers are of random people off Twitter (looking at you, Grudge Match), might as well hand over the Tony now. AverageGuy40 thought it was fabulous, dammit. Doesn’t matter you can’t legally call yourself ‘average’ if you admit you’ve never seen any of the Rocky movies, then go see the musical. As batshit as it gets.

I’m a Rocky fan and supporter to the death, through the good (Rocky 1, 2, 3, 4, 6) and the oh so bad (Rocky 5, confusing the sexuality during the beach scene in 3). Probably seen all of them 100 times combined. Is a little weird not seing Carl Weathers as Apollo though. Man’s probably too busy getting the stew going. Whatever. My friends and I sat as giddy as Paulie getting a handy from his robot in the theater opening night of Rocky Balboa, and will do the same to see this show. Because there’s no easy way out in the burning heart when you’ve got that eye of the tiger while living in america and your heart’s on fire. This whole place stinks.

If anything this is paving the way for the much anticipated Rocky IV musical. Make it happen, theater geeks: