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Top 10 Bad Beats From Week 2 Of NFL & Week 3 Of CFB

Screen Shot 2018-09-17 at 6.22.36 PM


10. Vikings -2:

7:36 left in OT. Vikings drive down into Green Bay territory. 49-yard field goal for Daniel Carson? Missed.

Tied game. 0:04 seconds left. A 35-yard field goal to win it. MISSED AGAIN!

9. Memphis -11.5, 2nd Half:

With 3:05 left in the 4th, Georgia State punted the ball back to Memphis. The 2nd half score was 21-6. Memphis ran the ball for four yards to start to run out the clock, it was called back for holding. 1st & 17 from their own 8, just run out the ball, right? Memphis backup QB throws a pick 6. MOOOOOOOSE!

8. Alabama/Ole Miss Over 69.5

After combining for 56 points in the first half, Alabama & Ole Miss combined for two field goals and zero offensive touchdowns in the second half. The final? 62-7…..0.5 points under.

7. Ohio State -12.5

What needed to happen for TCU to cover by a half point? A 30-yard field goal in the first half. A missed two-point conversion in the third quarter. A kneel out on the 14-yard-line:


6. Cowboys/Giants 2nd Half Under 21:

With 2 minutes left in the fourth, the Giants were down 20-3. There were just 13 points scored in the second half.

No big deal…right? The total is still at 20. You are in the clear. OH NO!


Screen Shot 2018-09-17 at 5.41.55 PM

To make it worse….down 10, in the 2nd half, the Giants decided to take a FIELD GOAL on 2nd down:

2nd half…..over!

5. Kentucky -41

Murray State receives the ball with just 3:38 left in the fourth. Up to that point they had under 225 yards of offense. With 1:11 left, Murray State had driven down to Kentucky’s 22 thanks to two 3rd down conversions. It was 3rd & 8….48-3….QB sneak:

4. Jets/Dolphins Over 21 1st Half:

The Dolphins scored three touchdowns in the first half. They missed an extra point on one of them. It was 20-0 as the Jets drove down the field and mismanaged the clock in a way only the Jets could:

3. New Mexico State Over 60.5:

35-25…39 seconds left…..OH NO!

2. Texas A&M -16.5 1st Half:

The rollercoaster that happened in this one…..sheesh! With under 2 minutes to go, A&M was up just 14 points and ULM had the ball on Texas A&M’s 12:


And then tragedy struck:

1. Texas State +9.5

When South Alabama got the ball with 3:51 left in the fourth, they were down 31-26. 1:49 later, South Alabama scored a touchdown and converted a tw0-point conversion to make it 34-31.

With 1:53 left in the fourth, Texas State threw an interception and USA returned it 29 yards to the Texas State 4. On 4th & goal, South Alabama was flagged for pass interference. The next play was 4th & goal from Texas State’s 18. That play? A touchdown. South Alabama wins 41-31.