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This Snake Puking Up An Even Longer Snake Is Exactly Why Nobody Should Ever Trust Snakes

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Huffington Post – A snake in India gave bystanders a surprise when it regurgitated its last meal.

The snake had swallowed another snake and then proceeded to force the entire meal back out.

The unidentified person who filmed the encounter told Newsflare he found the snake outside his home in Kannur, Kerala, over the weekend and thought it was dead. He poked it to be sure, and that’s when the snake revealed it was still alive.

The reptile was likely just digesting, which can take a snake several days. During that time, they often don’t move much. However, a little stress, such as an encounter with a predator ? or maybe a human with a stick and a camera ? can trigger a reflexive puke session.

“If the animal gets stressed or startled, such as by a potential predator, a full stomach makes fight or flight difficult,” Reptiles Magazine noted. “It then regurgitates its food item, thus evacuating its stomach, which makes activity much easier.”

We’ve got another example to add to the millions that already exist as to why you’d have to be batshit crazy to trust snakes. This Indian dude literally thought the snake he found outside his home was dead! It wasn’t moving and I’m sure was showing other signs of being a dead snake until he poked it with a stick, to his surprise awakening the monster. After that, insanity ensued.

I mean let’s be clear about what we’re seeing in that video. The green snake that the other snake pukes up is significantly longer than the snake that ate it. What the fuck? And it just squeezes it out from the depths of it’s digestive tract like, well, a lot of really gross things that I don’t care to mention because I don’t want to distract anyone from how horrific this shit is. If I started talking about how it looks like it’s pooping the dead snake out of it’s mouth I might get a few cheap laughs but I’m writing this in the name of science so I’m not gonna do that.

The only thing that would make this scene crazier would’ve been if the green snake was somehow still alive after being regurgitated by the same predator that ended it’s life. In the video you can actually see the different colors of the dead snake indicating how far along the digestive process was, because when the head of the green snake emerges it’s a completely different color than the rest of it’s body and that can only mean it was a little further along in terms of being digested. That’s some real scientific shit right there.

In the end, let this all serve as a reminder that the next time you find yourself thinking about buying a snake because it might be cool or it might help you pick up some chicks at your local watering hole, think again. Snakes are fucked up and creepy and they can swallow things whole even if those things are bigger than their entire bodies. It’s not good or cool and you’re an idiot if you think anything different. Thank you for your time.