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BREAKING: Plane Crash At Philly International Airport



DN – A U.S. Airways flight was forced to abort takeoff at Philadelphia International Airport today. Passengers aboard Flight 1702 were forced to evacuate through the emergency side doors after a nose gear collapse, according to an airport spokesperson. No injuries have been reported and all flights departing for and from Philadelphia have been temporarily delayed.

Scary shit. Early reports are nobody was injured, and let’s hope that doesn’t changes. Apparently the front tire burst during takeoff and the thing nosedived into the ground before taking flight. They’re saying on Channel 6 (interrupting a killer Jeopardy! game I was having of course) there may be some delays but for the most part all arrivals and departures are getting back to normal. Most likely more details to come.

Plane crash selfie? Get the fuck out of here, toots. Way to make it about you.