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It was Bad Beat Central This Weekend In Football

This weekend was a blood bath. Week one always lures you in with wins and you start feeling good about your bets. Then you get to week 2 and shit hits the fan.

Screen Shot 2018-09-17 at 2.06.58 PM

Ohio State had one of the worst beats. This is where you start to question ” Why do I even gamble?” They are on the 9 yard line with over a minute to go. All they need it 1 point to cover and you had to be feeling real good about this bet. NOPE lets take a delay of game penalty and kneel the ball twice to ruin everyones Saturday.

Now on to Alabama vs Ole miss. My god, this one hits deep because this is a type of game you turn the t.v. off because theres no way you can lose. OH these teams found a way to make your night even shittier. The Over/Under was 69.5 (nice) and at the end of the half the total was at 56. In two quarters all they needed was 14 points…NOPE lets give these bastard 13 so I can eat ramen noodles this week. You can’t make this shit up, I forgot to leave the house on Saturday because there was just to much misery in the air.

I didn’t personally have this but thoughts and prayers to anyone that did. I would have to have a stern talk with Daniel Carlson if I had the Vikings -1.5 and he missed two field goals inside of 40 yards.

All in all, the first week of football always lures you in because it was such an easy gambling week. Week two rolls around and it has you thinking of excuses to text the bookie.