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The Best Movies From Each State: Delaware

Movie States in line

The results from the Eighth installment of my totally normal and not insane 51 week study of the top three movies from each state are IN. Remember everyone got three votes, so the percentages reflect how many times they appeared on every individual vote. For the First State, this is what y’all chose.

3. Empire Records

Honestly, this is probably the most Delaware movie out of the whole bunch. One of the first performances for both Liv Tyler and Renée Zellweger, the movie is based around one of the classic “A failing small business is going to be bought out by a big business and we’re gona save it!!” plots. While not exactly a great movie, that soundtrack absolutely bangs.

2.Days of Thunder

This movie has fuck-all to do with Delaware other than the one race in Dover, but I can’t fault you guys for picking it. This movie almost makes NASCAR seem interesting with some outstanding performances from Tom Cruise, Robert Duvall and Nicole Kidman. There were also some smaller roles from stars John C. Reilly (Talladega Nights), Michael Rooker (The Walking Dead) and Cary Elwes (The Princess Brides). DRIVE THROUGH IT!!!

1. Fight Club

Much like the last movie, this also has fuck all to do with Delaware other than the “fact” that it apparently takes place there. That said, what an all-time movie. Still my favorite Fincher movie, it has perfect pacing, a great script and phenomenal acting. It’s also etched into movie culture as an absolute must-see movie by any metric.

Here’s the breakdown:

Results 9.17

I’m definitely surprised ‘Goosebumps’ didn’t place, but this was just a shitty state for movies to be perfectly honest. Let’s wash our hands of this and move on to the Sunshine State, Florida.

There’s a lot of room for write-in answers here, so if you don’t see a movie you want on the list, write it in. As always, if the embedded form doesn’t work, click here. Don’t forget to subscribe to Lights, Camera, Podfollow us on Twitterfollow us on Instagram and join in on the conversation on our Reddit.