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Taco Bell Worker Refuses To Serve Customers Who Don't Order Their Food In Spanish

Apparently this story is upsetting to a lot of people. Personally, I find it kind of refreshing. It’s not every day you hear someone getting called out for not speaking English. I understand the frustration, if I was asked to order my food in a language I didn’t speak at four in the morning I’d be upset too, but it’s still kind of funny. Forcing people to speak the language of whatever food they’re ordering. Imagine walking into a Pizza Hut and being asked to speak Italian? Or trying to order a Whopper and being told you need to speak white trash? I’m sure ninety percent of the people going through her drive through at least gave it a try too. Cars full of drunk people trying to think back to that lesson from Spanish 101 on conjugating verbs. I’m not even sure how things got lost in translation, the entire menu is already in Spanish. Burrito = Burrito. Taco = Taco. All they had to do was read the words.

So credit to her for trying to give everyone a lesson in immersion, but if she wants to keep her job/life, she should probably stop. People don’t go to Taco Bell to learn, they go there to eat away their feelings. Get the customers their Baja Blasts and keep it moving, babe. Otherwise someone’s going to lash out.