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Marquette King Just Wanted To Remind You He Hates Jon Gruden With This Perfect, Incredibly Petty Tweet

You will never construct a more beautiful and more petty tweet than Marquette King here. I love every second of it. For those that are still trying to catch up on Marquette King news, he was released back in March when Jon Gruden took over the Raiders. He was cut due to ‘personality issues’ which is, well it’s something. I don’t know exactly what that means but since Gruden is a big fan of playing football like it’s the 1970s I assume it’s the fact that King is electric and loves celebrating. Who doesn’t?

So this week when asked about Gruden, King asked ‘who is that?’ Then following Oakland blowing the game today, King took to Twitter. The thing here is he had this set up. He knew what he wanted to do the moment he signed with Denver back in April. I love someone that can hold a grudge like that AND execute a perfectly viral tweet.

I can’t wait to see what else King has in store, because I hope he unleashes Part 2 soon. The Chucky doll covered with money is just such an A+ touch here. Obviously Gruden is known as Chucky and received $100 million to coach the Raiders.