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Eagles Lose Their First Meaningful Game In Forever In A Billion Degree Heat Vs. Fitzmagic And The Bucs

So this is what losing feels like? Hmm. It’s been awhile. You can’t let DeSean Jackson, of all people, go scorched Earth for 70+ yards to paydirt…ON THE FIRST PLAY OF THE GAME. Everybody and their mother knew a play-action to D-Jax is coming the first play of the game, just like almost every game since he’s played against the Eagles. I mean, somebody tell DeSean Jackson that Chip Kelly is no longer in Philadelphia. There’s no need for this revenge happy crap anymore.

Regardless, the defense played soft almost the entire game, and ultimately didn’t step it up when it mattered. I don’t know whether it was the heat or what, but come on. The offense at least had excuses with a bunch of bodies being banged up or straight up out of the game. But the D had NO excuse for 54-year-old married viking Ryan Fitzpatrick to put up 400+ yards and 4 TD’s. Too many big plays. Too little execution.

Look, you’re not gonna win every game in the NFL. You just ain’t. And we can argue on whether the Bucs are indeed that good or if the Eagles played that bad till the Andy Reids come home, but there’s no indication of this being a pattern for the Birds. This is the first loss in a meaningful game since December 3rd, 2017 @ Seattle. The Eagles started 1-1 last season, mind you. Things seemed to turn out just fine.

Foles didn’t lose this game today, but it kind of looks like our very own Ginger Jesus will be ressurected from the dead soon. Like, next week soon. We’ll be just fine. See you at the Linc vs. Indy. And keep in mind it could be worse. A lot worse.