Lady Gaga's Foundation Donated A Whopping $5K Of Its $2.1 MILLION To Actual Charitable Causes


GAWKER – News has emerged that Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation could be a mere vanity project. Showbiz 411’s Roger Friedman published a breakdown of BTWF’s 2012 tax report. The foundation’s claimed $2.1 million in net assets (donations came in at $2.6 million). Here’s where that money went according to Friedman:

The breakdown of funds:

$300,000 in strategic consulting
$62,836 on stage productions
$50,000 on social media
$50,000 on event coordination
$406,552 on legal
$150,000 on philanthropic consulting
$60,000 on research
$58,768 on publicity fees
$78,000 on travel
$72,000 on salaries
$808,661 on “other”
$5,000 on grants to organizations or individuals

FUCK THIS BITCH. And Pres still got shit for giving ALL of the marathon donations directly to the cause. This is blatantly unacceptable. I know many athletes and celebs use the ol’ charity route as a tax loop rather than for actual good causes. Put the family and friends on a payroll and call it a day. Sad, but true. Shit, Lamar Odom and his whale of an ex-wife straight up kept or gave away millions donated to their charity intended for cancer patients to other places with personal ties. And this ranks up there for being just as dickish. $800K on “other” is a straight fuck you to humanity. I don’t even have anything funny to say about this it makes me so livid.

Wanna get rich quick? Start a scum charity or a bullshit church. Sit back, collect the donations and laugh while the little people pay the taxes. As long as you don’t have a soul or conscience you should be good.