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NBA Summer Workout SZN: Damian Lillard Editon

This whole summer Dame has been a white whale for those of us on the NBA Summer Workout SZN beat. As one of the NBAs better guards, naturally I was interested in seeing what new wrinkle Dame was going to add to his game. But like a jerk, he did his workouts in silence, with a camera nowhere in sight. Sort of selfish if you ask me. I mean POR had a great year last season, why not give the people what they want and put out a couple social media videos.

Well that time has come and even if he was trolling all of us who care way too much about internet workout videos, there is always something to take away. I am of the belief that it all matters, and as expected Dame looks pretty ready for the season to start. Sure we already knew he had handles, but hey this is better than nothing.

Frankly I’m a little insulted this all happened without me seeing as how I’m in POR and hit up him and CJ yesterday to see if they needed any help getting ready for the season. Many people are still talking about my rebounding ability during my EIL days in high school. This isn’t enough to completely turn me off on the Blazers and their season, but it sure didn’t help.

It’ll be interesting just how much the Blazers can build on last season’s success, there are some that think they should blow up their backcourt and start over. I think that’d be silly and now that we know Dame is actually putting in work, it should be another All NBA type season on deck.


I blogged this from my phone at a brewery so if none of this makes sense I apologize for nothing.