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There's No Way Murray State's Mascot Is Really This Pathetic

As we all know about the Murray State Racers, interim AD Velvet Milkman took over control of the program earlier this year. So while we all understand that her reign of supremacy is merely in its infancy stage, this mascot is flat out unacceptable for a future college powerhouse.


This is the horse equivalent of those old school bikes with a large wheel in the front and a comically small wheel in the rear. Just zero effort from the head to even pretend to keep up this equestrian charade. And I don’t blame this sham horse. Put a paperbag over its head. Because this is a remnant of the last administration. A relic reminding people how little those at the top cared about Racer Athletics. Now that Velvet Milkman is in tow? I expect big changes coming almost daily. And it starts with fixing this shit mascot.

In Velvet We Trust.