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The Weekend Greenie Bag - So About That Top 100 List


Hello everybody and welcome to another edition of the Weekend Greenie Bag. I may be out in Oregon at a bachelor party but the blog also doesn’t sleep. Maybe you’re hung over as shit and you need something to get you to football, or maybe you got dragged somewhere by your significant other and you can’t watch football but you also want to be able to look at your phone while you walk up and down the isles of Target for what feels like 10,000 hours. Either way we’re here for you. As a reminder you can be a part of this mailbag whenever you want, simply hit me up on Twitter with #GreenieBag or you can email It’s quick and easy and open for whatever pops in your head.

Now, let’s see what was on your minds….


I hate the repetitiveness of starting 5 questions – but I’m gonna do it anyways- and I’m sorry if this is a repeat- but To start the season/ease his way back- do you see Hayward coming off the bench? Or is he gonna start right away?

I don’t see the need w Kyrie since he didn’t have the same sort of serious injury – Brian

Call me crazy, but I’m of the thought that maybe it would be fun if the Celtics started their best players, just to see what happens. People forget, the starting five of Kyrie/Jaylen/Hayward/Tatum/Horford is literally what Brad went with last year in the Opener. What about last year tells us things should change? If everyone is 100% and fully cleared to go, you roll with your best players, period. You want to talk rotations and substitution patterns in order to mix and match lineups, I’m all for it. But I think all this hooplah about who should start and who should sit it is being over thought. Yes, against certain teams Brad will play different lineups based on matchups. Maybe there will be nights he gives guys a night off and the lineup looks different then.

I think after the first possession next year with that starting lineup, we will all feel silly for even talking about this.

Sup Greenie,

It’s no surprise that the Celtics have a chance to be really friggen good this year. Given that everyone is healthy, and stays healthy… How many they winning out the gate in a row?

Bonus question – you attending opening night? – Mike

Now Mike, I’d love to tell you what I have in mind for the Celtics overall win total. However, I’m going to ask you to wait and click the Celtics Preview blog that will be coming out shorter to the season. It is there where I make the official prediction, and for those who have been paying attention I’ve undershot them by like 1 or 2 wins each of the last three years. At this point we’re still in the research stage of that blog, but it’ll be here before you know it.

In terms of Opening Night, TBD, all I know is I’ll have the blog covered.

SI recently came out with their list of the NBA’s top 100 players, with ESPN’s coming soon. On the SI list, Terry Rozier made the top 100 at #82. Marcus Smart (in my opinion) is more valuable to the team (which doesn’t necessarily affect this list) but in your opinion, should Terry Rozier be rated as a better player than Marcus Smart in the grand scope of the whole league? – Matt

Ah, the SI list. Nothing I love more than watching a good early Fall triggering. A younger me 10000000% would have been triggered by this list. However, given where the current state of the Celtics is, it didn’t even phase me. It could not mattered less to me where everyone was ranked, I was too busy being excited. That was weird for me, because part of me thought I should care, but I didn’t. Rank em wherever you want, makes no difference to me.

But it was a little surprising to see Marcus left off the list all together. He’s for sure a top 100 player. Now how he compares to Terry, it just depends. As an overall basketball player I’d say Marcus helps you in more general areas than Terry, but given what your team may need, Terry may be more of a perfect fit. What I mean by that is Rozier probably has more appeal around the league given his style and skillset, but for a team like the Celtics, in my opinion it’s Marcus who is slightly more valuable. So if you were to ask other teams, I’m sure they would prefer someone like Terry, incase you missed it Marcus’ market wasn’t all that great.

I’m writing because I admire your steadfast devotion to Jamal Crawford, but I am still skeptical of man. I’ve always thought of him as overrated and a liability on defense (even if he’s in the second unit). I will say that any man who goes for 10 years with a bald head and then shows up in the umpteenth year with a full head of hair has my vote, but I’m still dubious as far as what his role would look like with Celts. As I type this, I’m conflicted because I know he doesn’t deserve minutes before Smart and Rozier and the rest of the crowded roster… So maybe we’re on the same wavelength that J Crossover is just a good solid sage to have sitting on the end of the bench? Please tell me why you have been campaigning 200% for this mans. -JonCarlo

Pretty simple. The Celtics have a potential roster spot that was filled by a G/F. If the Celts decide they don’t want to leave that spot open until the deadline, why not fill it with another G/F? Do we not remember what Brad does to literally every single guard he touches. He’s like a point guard Jesus. So not only am I a fan of Crawford because he’s a legend, but because he has a skillset that this team could always use more depth in. The dude is a human microwave.

He can still get buckets. Remember, we’re talking about the 15th roster spot. Who cares if he never really gets to play. If someone were to get hurt, of course I’d prefer the veteran presence of Crawford as well. I know he can be inefficient, I know he’s a defensive liability at times, but I don’t really care. I just would want him to come in and get buckets, something he can clearly still do.

Alright that’s going to do it for this week, I have some drinking to get to. Thanks as always to everyone who wrote in, couldn’t have done it without you. I hope you all enjoy the day of college football and have yourself a great Saturday!