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Barstool Philly Goes Out For A Spot With The Philadelphia Soul - Part 2/3

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One admits he has the heart but not enough skill anymore. The other doesn’t show up with cleats to a professional football tryout and complains if he had said footwear he would clean house. Overall, a valiant effort by all. Who would’ve thought a man who stretches like a pregnant giraffe and the only person out of 200+ that couldn’t keep his coordination in a simple drill wouldn’t make the squad?



I’m sure Mo will have his take on what happened later, but I’m honestly pissed I didn’t hit 4.5 in the shuttle. Clocked in at 4.35 during the playing days, but I guess 5+ years of not working out plus alcoholism will add seconds to the time. The 4.9-40 yard dash I knew I wasn’t gonna sniff. Best ever was 4.98 and that was in my prime. Was D-III for a reason folks.

At least all that training for the Broad Jump worked out:

And there you have it. Part 3/3 tomorrow with a breakdown from Jaws himself.

Thanks to the Philadelphia Soul yet again for having us come out. Support Philly sports and give them a follow on Twitter @SoulFootball as well as check out them out at Team is in camp right now and it looks like they’ll have another Championship caliber squad this year. Tix are cheap and games are a blast. Get out there.

PS – Mo killing the GIF game recently. Murderer’s Row of Athleticism: