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Vacationing In Greece Looks Awesome Until A Massive Cliff Collapses Right In Your Face

BBC- At least seven people were injured when part of a cliff face broke away at the popular Navagio beach on the Greek island of Zakynthos, officials say. “We haven’t found any trapped people but we will continue searching,” a spokesperson for the fire brigade said. None of the injuries sustained in the incident on Thursday afternoon are believed to be life-threatening. The beach, also known as “shipwreck beach”, is popular with tourists and can be reached only by boat. “There was a noise and a small piece of rock fell, then a second bigger and finally a third big piece of rock that during the fall created a sea whirlpool that overturned the boats,” one eyewitness said.

YIKES! People always talk about how great it is to vacation in Greece but they conveniently leave out the part where you might die via a a massive rock avalanche falling on your head. The fact that that didn’t kill anyone is a goddamn miracle. You don’t realize just how big that piece of cliff is until you watch the second video. Look at the size of the people in the second video. They’re ant babies. They’re tiny. If those people were just a littttttttttle closer they would’ve gotten buried. They’d be dead as fuck.

You wanna know where cliffs don’t collapse and injure a bunch of people? My living room on my couch. It has never happened once. There’s not a cliff in sight in there. I just sit there and never have to worry about getting crushed by a giant piece of falling rock. I’m not saying people shouldn’t go out and explore the world and go on vacations. That’s a fine thing to do. However I am saying that your chances of dying in a weird way skyrockets exponentially when you leave the comfort of your own home. Yeah maybe I won’t have the worldly experiences other people will have but I will have heaps of cultural capital after watching every Netflix show. Knowledge about exotic lands or knowledge about Ozark season 2, which is more valuable in 2018? Pretty sure we all know the answer.