After Going 1-1,058 In Solo Fortnite Matches, I Vowed To Live Stream Until We Conquered Victory Royale # 2...

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…And the eyes are still bleeding. After 8.5 hours of pure heart, desire, and will, we accomplished the impossible. It took 6 months and 956 battles to get that first Victory Royale. I legitimately could’ve been going live until my heart, or time stopped – Whichever came first. Alast, at 4:31 in the morning while most of you were either asleep or sucking from your mother’s teet, we achieved glory.

What’s next, you ask? Only greatness awaits, people. Only greatness. Probably. Let’s. Jam. Diggity.

PS – A flashback to simpler, more innocent times before we became the greatest Fortnite legend in all the land.