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Should The Rest Of The NHL Be Worried That Connor McDavid Is Growing His Hair Out?


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“Dear god. It’s beautiful” 

Connor McDavid is the best hockey player on the planet. You could make the argument for Sid but it’s Connor McDavid and the terrifying thing is that he’s still only getting better. He’s the fastest player in the world and his goal is to get faster. He’s put up 100+ points in each of the last two seasons and his goal is to start scoring more goals. He’s only 21 and he’s already won two Art Ross Trophies and an MVP. I could keep going but you guys know all of this already.

Obviously the rest of the league has to be worried about Connor McDavid regardless. But now that McJesus is letting that flow go?

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There is simply no stopping 97. The San Jose Sharks had a pretty decent day yesterday after landing Erik Karlsson. That blueline is absolutely stacked now with Karlsson, Burns and Vlasic. They’ll see Connor McDavid and the Edmonton Oilers 5 times during the regular season this year. Maybe in previous seasons, that blueline would be enough to at least hold McDavid to only a point or two per game. But Flow God McJesus? Buddy,,,, every single night he’s out on the ice is a point night for him. We’re talking 3 and 2 on an off night. And with Connor McDavid letting the lettuce loose, that means that the transformation is almost complete.




Buckle up, everybody. We’re in for a two hundo point season for Connor McDavid. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya.