Apparently The Formula For WD-40 Needs A Brinks Truck, Armed Guards And To Be Handcuffed To It's CEO Just To Change Banks

Is this a bit? Did the folks at WD-40 get a Brinks truck, armed guards and handcuffs just to make a show of it so news cameras would show up? Or do they think they actually need all of that stuff in order to keep the WD-40 formula safe? I honestly can’t tell. CEO Garry Ridge seemed pretty damn serious about it but I still think it might be a bit.  However they might be serious because WD-40 has a stranglehold on the WD-40 market. They don’t need bits to sell WD-40. I don’t even know if WD-40 has competitors because I’ve only ever heard of WD-40. They have a full-on monopoly of the WD-40 market.

I don’t even know what WD-40 technically is but it’s a household name. It’s such a household name that its replaced the technical term like how how Kleenex has replaced tissues or how Chapstick has replaced lip balm. WD-40 is WD-40 is WD-40. You can’t buy better branding than that so maybe they really do need to protect the formula with armed guards and a Brinks truck. WD-40 might be one of those inelastic products I learned about in economics. How wild would’ve been if an up-and-coming WD-40 brand had swooped in, broke into the Brinks truck, cut off the CEO’s arm and stole the suitcase? That would’ve been some shit. Now that I think about it they probably should’ve enlisted the military to help them switch banks. Transport that formula in a mother fucking tank. Just to be safe.