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Not Sorrey: NHL Player's Partners Head To Court Amid Cyber-Bullying Allegations

The 2017-18 season was a rough one for the Ottawa Senators.. Slow ticket sales & subsequent rumors about moving the team from a disliked owner, unpopular trades, the assistant GM resigning after accusations of harassing a young man, an odd recall on team branded baby onesies, and to top it all off – a dismal final 28–43–11 record.

When it seemed like things couldn’t get any worse, news came out in June about drama between the Hoffman & Karlsson camps.

According to The Globe & Mail:

…Melinda Karlsson, wife of captain Erik Karlsson, the team’s best player and face of the franchise, had filed an order of protection against the girlfriend of forward Mike Hoffman, alleging that Monika Caryk had undertaken a covert cyberbullying campaign against the Karlssons, including anonymous attacks on their baby son, who was stillborn in March. In the application for a peace bond, Melinda claimed that the attacker wished her dead, as well, and hoped that someone would “take out” Erik’s legs to “end his career.”

Now tomorrow they’ll meet in a Toronto court to hear an application by Monika Caryk requesting to see proof from the Karlsson’s that she’s the actual harasser.

Caryk & Hoffman have denied any involvement from the beginning & no criminal charges have been issued since the initial investigation began. It’s not only shaken their personal lives, but the Senators’ locker room as well. In one day Hoffman went from the Senators to the Sharks to the Panthers, and today Karlsson went to the Sharks.

First off, it’s beyond shitty for the Karlsson’s to get harassed after they lost their baby. Whoever the troll turns out to be, they’re a human dumpster fire. I’m also curious why they’re so certain it was Caryk if no proof has been presented yet, and if they’re correct what would possess someone to put in all the effort of creating fake accounts and hundreds of targeted attacks. In the meantime, the Karlsson’s have started a campaign to end online bullying. Hopefully this puts an end to it & they can keep that stuff on the ice from here on out.