Euro Thomas Pieters, Who Failed To Make The Ryder Cup Team, Says "Americans Can't Drink" And Blames Embarrassing 2016 Loss On The Golf Course

Bunkered Magazine — “They shouted stuff at [Rory] that you shouldn’t shout at anybody anywhere. Maybe that’s because they sell beer at 7am and Americans can’t drink.

As well as the crowds, Pieters was also critical of the course set-up at Hazeltine, which he believed made the match a one-dimensional contest.

“The set-up of the course was ridiculous. You could hit it anywhere.”

Citing Phil Mickelson as an example, Pieters added: “He was sometimes hitting it, like, six fairways left or right but was still able to get it on the green and then make a 40-footer. I didn’t think it was a great Ryder Cup set-up, to be honest.”

I love it. A Euro who couldn’t even make the team provides our guys and our fans with bulletin board material just before the Ryder Cup. What a moron. His conclusions are that the Europeans lost in 2016 because Americans can’t drink and that it’s unfair Phil makes 40-footers? What? What a loser. I hope Phil purposefully leaves himself 40-footers in Paris then drains bombs because apparently Euros can’t handle it. They’ll be throwing flags left and right.

Quick, somebody call an official! Phil was in the rough, but…. he hit the green!

Phil, a birdie from downtown…………. Illegal!

Doug, kick him off the course!

Hey Tommy boy, everybody plays the same golf course. The home team sets it up to their liking and always has. If you can’t handle it, don’t play.

Oh wait…

PS — Please god if you grant me one wish, let Thomas Pieters makes the 2024 Euro team that’ll have to play at Bethpage Black. Guy may not even make it to the first tee.

Two weeks out. Let’s go.

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