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Wanna See What Dying In A Hurricane Would Look Like? The Weather Channel Is Here To Help

That nine-foot storm surge is something else, right? It’s amazing the lengths that weather persons (see how easy that was Riggs) will go to ensure our dumbass asses survive.

Ricky: you gonna leave your house?
Bobby: Hell nah, man. I aint no little puss puss ass puss puss.
Ricky: Ja’see that virtual presentation by the weather channel?
Bobby: Hell nah, man. I aint watching no puss puss virtual presentation.
Ricky: check this out.

Ricky showed Bobby the virtual presentation.

Bobby’s response.


Bobby: maybe we should get outta here.
Ricky: thought you wasnt a puss puss?
Bobby: I’ll die right here. I dont give a fuck.
Ricky: get in the car, pussy. I’ll take you through McDonald’s.

Bobby shoots Ricky in the face because he hates being disrespected. Sometimes the danger of the storm isnt the storm itself. Sometimes it’s the arguments that come with the stress of the storm. Make sure to stay calm and breathe while you are making these decisions, folks. It’s scary out there.