Doug Marrone Will Only Watch The Super Bowl If He Can Gamble On It Because He's Too Pissed Off Otherwise

Jacksonville Jaguars v Buffalo Bills

[Boston Herald] – You never watch it live? “No, I’m usually so pissed off I can’t handle it,” he said.

“Probably when I wasn’t coaching, when I was allowed to gamble,” he said. “Probably when I was 12, when I had a little money on it. You guys write that, I’ll probably get (bleeping) investigated.”

This feels like an extremely football guy move, but I can’t tell. Might have to ask Big Cat and PFT to get their opinion on it. But, what a line from Doug Marrone. His refusal to watch the Super Bowl because he watches enough tape during the season? Just perfect. Of course he can’t just watch the Super Bowl. He treats it like watching tape, because that’s what football coaches do.

More importantly, I don’t think I’ve ever liked Doug Marrone more. Throwing money on the game when he was 12? That’s just my kind of guy. I need to know what side was he in Super Bowl X? He was 12 in 1976 which was the Steelers beating the Cowboys 21-17. If he was talking about the 1977 Super Bowl it was the Raiders over the Vikings.

Imagine being the Jaguars head coach’s neighbors? You know they probably sat there excited to invite him over the first year he moved into the neighborhood. Probably expected him to bring some buffalo chicken dip as they cleaned up the house nice. I’m sure they put up a few Jaguars logos around the house to make him feel more comfortable. They likely rang the doorbell to invite him over, all friendly like. But, it’s Doug Marrone. He slams the door shut. Tells them watching the Super Bowl is for losers and he’s not a loser. Watch when he’s in the Super Bowl.

I hope football coaches never change.