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'HELP! He's Running Me Over!' - Texas Woman Loses Job After Wild Call With Cops

And the Oscar for best actress in a small town Texas cell phone video goes to…

:: drumroll please ::

:: opens envelope ::


And you know who’s not getting an award for the Best Supporting role? Mike.



In her defense, we don’t know the context of what was going on before the driver started filming. It was late at night in the boonies so maybe she had reason to panic…

Ah, ok. Well let’s give her one final benefit of the doubt. It was probably a one-off, just having a bad night but I’m sure she’s usually pretty chill.

fb post

Alright. She’s awful. It’s a shame people who want to enjoy the lake are going to have to deal with..

Annnnd, nevermind. She’s fired. Wow this story just really keeps on moving.

In a statement released by the Army Corps of Engineers who maintain the site outside of Austin:

“We are aware of the incident which occurred with one of our contracted gate attendants at Cedar Breaks Park, Lake Georgetown. We neither condone nor support this sort of behavior by our employees or contractors.”

Going off all the comments & anecdotes I scrolled through, it seems like they condoned her behavior for a hot minute before firing her. Probably a slightly bad look now that stories are spreading & the video is at over 5.2M views on Twitter alone. If she needs help I hope she gets it but in the future I hope whatever job she has doesn’t involve boredom + a bizarre sense of power. It equals great video but could have been really dangerous had the driver not thought quickly enough to film the madness.

Ok – Mike, you can come back out now.