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How Is Phil Mickelson Preparing For The Ryder Cup? Long Range Sniper Shooting, Of Course!

Long range sniper shooting to prepare for the Ryder Cup? Long range sniper shooting to prepare for the Ryder Cup. That’s a new one but whatever works. To be honest, I’m ready to run through a wall after watching that video of Phil. I guarantee no one on the European team is preparing that way. They’re probably practicing their putting like a bunch of suckers. Lefty is gonna be so ahead of the game when our boys get across the pond at the end of this month. It’s like when marathon runners train way up in the mountains where the air is thinner. Or when baseball players put a donut on the bat. Phil isn’t mentally preparing to play high-intensity golf by playing golf. He’s mentally preparing by training his mind like a sniper. Those Euro fucks don’t stand a chance. And the “nailed it” at the end? Forget about it. Team USA is gonna bring the noise in Paris.

Again, whatever works. #USA