Irish Uncle Has A Hilarious Bitch Fit Over His Lost Can Of Soup


God forbid somebody steals his Lucky Charms. This Irish Mary could have a RPG lined up to my nuts demanding his can of soup back but as long as he’s yelling in that accent I wouldn’t be able to do anything but laugh. Simply hilarious. It’s not some jacked black guy or, even more intimidating, Latina Mother going batshit here. It’s not even comically insane Stephen from Braveheart or any of the lovable Boondock Saints. It’s a fully grown Leprechaun going bananas. There is no level of Irish anger here that can’t be calmed over a pint of Guinness. Preferably before breakfast.

Speaking of which, I expect your best and brightest drunken shenanigans from Erin Express this weekend to be sent in. Getcha cameras and popcorn ready. Always a worthy fight or 20 going down during Philly’s finest St. Patty’s Day celebration.