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Disgusting Mother Takes Heroin Hit On Septa Bus In Broad Daylight With Daughter Present – A four-and-a-half-minute Facebook video that shows a little girl trying to wake her nearly unconscious mother on SEPTA’s Route 66 bus has attracted the attention of Philadelphia police and the Department of Human Services. Police spokesman Lt. John Stanford said today that the Special Victims Unit is working with DHS to identify and track down the woman, whose mouth hangs open throughout the video while she continually nods off in her seat as the bus rumbles along Frankford Avenue. The little girl, who was seated across the aisle, is shown reaching out several times and trying to prop up her mother’s head. “Mama,” the girl says. The woman yells briefly, but continues to slump forward in her seat.

Fucking disturbing. I post this not to make fun of the situation or to jest in anyway, but to spread the word that if anyone knows this disgraceful bitch of a mother on the 66 Bus then to call Child Services immediately. No kid deserves to be in that situation. My apologies but we couldn’t sit back and ignore this. And don’t say “Oh Philly what a disgusting city” because I’m pretty sure there are unfortunately scum like this all over the country. But if you recognize this person, please help out this poor kid if you can.

Visit here or call 215-686-8686 and follow the proper protocol until you get to The Department Of Human Services. If you’re in Philly you can also call 311 (like 911).