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This Nathan Peterman Lowlights Video From Yesterday's Ravens Game Is A Bittersweet Symphony

If you are a player that has been on Barstool as much as Nate Peterman has been on Barstool after three (3) career starts, you are either doing something really good or really bad. And I think Peterman is doing both. Think about all the joy that Nate Peterman has brought to people every time he throws another interception. Everyone watching the Red Zone, scrolling on Twitter, or watching a game break in Buffalo laughs whenever another Peterman interception is shown on their screen. We are witnessing history as the GOAT and the WOAT play in the same division. There’s something special about that.

Sure if you are a Bills fan, seeing Peterman shit away another game drives you nuts. But the football gods only put the burden on the shoulders of the fanbases that can handle it. You don’t survive losing 4 Super Bowls in a row and going almost 20 years without a playoff appearance without growing a strong dark sense of humor. I mean I’m sure #BillsMafia would rather win games 41-7 than lose them. But if any group of people on the planet can handle their quarterback being a punchline with his own lowlights series and parody songs until their line is ready to protect the 20 foot giant they drafted in the first round, it’s the table shattering savages North of The Wall that keep drinking Labatt until they don’t feel pain. If that means Peterman has to start a few more games or even the rest of the season, so be it. The rest of the players on the Bills checks still clear and #BillsMafia still creates viral gold. The person who should really be pissed about all this is the Bills social media intern that has to cut up Bills games to make a hype video. I don’t think you can use any of the footage from that video for next week’s Peterman hype video, which may somehow end up clocking in at less than the whole 37 whole second season hype video they launched before Week 1.

Speaking of which, who do the Bills play next week?


Oh no.

Untitled 4

Oh God no.


Now lets go to Buffalo and check in to see how Nate Peterman is breaking down film from last year’s Chargers game.