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American Keegan Bradley (People's Golfer 2.0) Beats Euro Justin Rose Just 2 Weeks Before The Ryder Cup



The People’s Golfer 2.0 gets one for America and takes down Justin Rose to win the BMW. Keegan’s a Vermont guy, a huge Boston sports fan, a huge Stoolie, and has shown nothing but love to Barstool from day one. When we followed him in Connecticut last year, he came out and searched through the damn crowd to find us and shake every one of our hand’s afterwards.

When we got the golf podcast off the ground, he went out of his way to tell us he’d be happy to help out in any way that he possibly could.

When we’re credentialed inside the ropes at the majors and Ryder Cups (which we are) and he sees us, he stops what he’s doing to come say hi.

Keegan’s just a great dude, and he’s had a hell of a road back to the winner’s circle. First win in 6 years. 6! This will be his first trip to East Lake in 5 years. This win means so much, he was nearly in tears after the playoff.

Huge win for America. Huge loss for Europe* just 2 weeks before the Ryder Cup. Love to see it.

PS — Could it be?

Morning Fourballs - 2014 Ryder Cup

* Justin Rose is now the no. 1 ranked player in the world. Pretty badass. Guy’s swing is as beautiful and efficient as they get. Heard nothing but great things about Rosie as a guy. I just wouldn’t mind if for the next 3 weeks he sucks dick on the golf course.


PPS — This was to win. How did it miss?