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Girl Picks A Fight With A Cheerleader Then Proceeds To Get Her Ass WHOOPED By The Cheerleader

Holyyyyyyyyyy shit. Beat. The. Fuck. Outta. Her. Nobody, and I mean nobody, saw the fight going that way. I’d be willing to bet that that even the cheerleader thought she was going down.  That’s real tough if you’re the other girl. You never wanna get your as beat if you’re the person who instigates a fight. If you start a fight, you have to be the one who finishes it. That’s Internet Fighting 101. Otherwise you come off like an even bigger asshole like that chick did. The cheerleader didn’t wanna fight. She said it repeatedly. What we didn’t realize at the time was that the reason she didn’t wanna fight was that she’s a deadly weapon. She wasn’t scared. The only thing she was scared of was killing the girl.

I love a good twist. That was a twist. The other girl for sure thought she was gonna whoop on that pretty white girl no problem. Easy work. But then by some miracle the cheerleader WHOOPED HER ASS. It wasn’t even close. The cheerleader came in HOT and was able to keep her energy up. Impressive to say the least. Not only did the cheerleader wreck the girl with fists of fury but she body slammed her too. Just for good measure. Never judge a book by it’s cover and also never judge an internet fight by it’s thumbnail.