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The Best Movies From Each State: Connecticut

Movie States in line

The results from the Seventh installment of my totally normal and not insane 51 week study of the top three movies from each state are IN. Remember everyone got three votes, so the percentages reflect how many times they appeared on every individual vote. For the Constitution State, this is what y’all chose.

3. Mystic Pizza

A great coming-of-age movie that has a huge cult following, ‘Mystic Pizza’ is solid representation of 80’s New England life. The movie marked Julia Roberts first critical success, as well as Vincent D’Onofrio‘s second after nailing ‘Full Metal Jacket’. It was also Matt Damon‘s first film ever. Basically a breeding ground for young acting talent, the movie told a a number of different subplots very well, and remains one of the best movies in the pizza cinematic universe.

2. Private Parts

I’m not entirely sure if Connecticut is the state that comes to mind for me, but I respect y’alls decision. Whatever you want to think about Howard Stern, the guy has a really interesting tale that was fun to explore in this movie. The Match Game scene remains one of the funnier scenes I saw as a kid.

1. Beetlejuice

It was really never in doubt, because this is one of the iconic spooky comedies ever made. One of Tim Burton’s finest, it was marked by great performances from our BOY Michael Keaton, as well as Alec Baldwin and Geena Davis. 

Here is the breakdown:

COn Results

I’ll say I don’t quite think ‘Private Parts’ should have been that high, especially with a movie like ‘Revolutionary Road’ in the running. I respect you guys for your bravery, though.

Anyway onto the First State. This list fucking stinks. There straight up isn’t any movies from there. I reached by including ‘Days of Thunder’ which has a scene in Dover. ‘Fight Club’ as well, which never outright says they’re in Delaware but apparently there’s an understanding that all the events take place there. If the embedded form doesn’t work on your device, click here.