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House Of Blues Boston Will Never Be The Same After I Scorch Their Stage Performing "Rise Pageviews Rise" Next Thursday

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I’m no stranger to the HoB Boston stage. I absolutely dominated it in the early 2010’s with one inspirational speech after another despite no prior stage experience. No big deal. Shoutout to KO Barstool and Menino for all my fond memories there.

But with Barstool headed back next Thursday I thought it was only right I do something special for the people. The salt of the earth Stoolies who were there each step of the way over the years, brick by brick, inspiring me on our next big move towards the moon. That’s why I’m bringing out Team Portnoy and their best gear to put on a rendition of “Rise Pageviews Rise” that will literally bring the house down. Something so spectacular it is truly beyond words. Keep in mind I’ve never officially performed this song at a live venue so the second I take the stage history will be made.

And also Pup Punk will be there to perform their new setlist which should certainly be great. They killed it at Irving Plaza and I expect the same to happen here.

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