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In case you were wondering what it was like to be a Bears fan last night...

I think I speak for any Chicago Bears fan when I say that last night was certainly the most significant game in recent memory. After years of crap coaches and loser Jay Cutler as our QB, a new era was about to start. While the packers were favored by a reasonable margin heading into the game, any Bears fan knew this was potentially going to be a statement game. With all the moves the Bears made this past offseason, most notable of course acquiring Khalil Mack last week for a kings ransom. All signs were pointing towards one thing… the return of the Bears into prime time football. The Bears have the talent, now all they need to do is put it all together on the field and beat the living shit out of the Packers.

The craziest thing happened. It actually did happen. The Bears curb stomped the Packers from the get go. The Bears immediately scored on their first possession while subsequently beating the hell out of Rodgers. Every text group I am in with my friends asked the same thing. WHAT THE FUCK ARE WE WATCHING RIGHT NOW? Mack’s INT touchdown was the best bears moment since Devin Hester returned the opening kickoff in the super bowl in 2006.devinhesterbears


I think any team that is going to try and compete for a championship in any sport has a coming out party. As a person who is also Cubs fan, I knew the moment when the Cubs officially became a team that was going to compete. Shit I can even remember the date, it was 8/9/2015. The Cubs were facing the Giants at Wrigley, who were the defending World Series champs. The situation was no outs, up 2-0 and the Giants had bases loaded in the top on the 9th. In my life I had never seen a Cubs team that didn’t fold in a situation like this. Then the most amazing thing happened though, they didn’t fold. Hector Rondon struck out 3 batters in a row and the Cubs swept the series. From that point on I knew this Cubs team was a different team that I had seen my whole life.

9/9/2018 for Bears fans was supposed to be a moment like that. It was the… we are going to compete… I mean for Christ sakes, Rodgers was knocked out of the damn game. Roquan Smith got a sack on his first career play. Mack had a sack, strip sack, fumble recovery and a pick 6. Trubisky looked good and the offense was rolling. In my entire life I have never seen Green Bay look more scared of the Bears than what I saw last night…


Then it all started falling to the ground. Slowly but surely the packers started to get it going. Rodgers came back in the 3rd quarter. But the Bears were still up 20-3 going into the 4th. The group text started to get less active as we as a collective whole started to realize that the story of the night might not be about the Bears but rather the Packers and the greatness of Aaron Rodgers.

Much like in 1999 when the Rock laid a promo beat down on Billy Gunn., The Bears won the first half just like Billy won king of the ring. But some how the Bears still absolutely suck! (If you want to know why the Rock is the Rock, watch this clip

Rodgers hit Cobb for a huge touchdown to take the lead 24-23 but there was still plenty of time for the Bears to get it into field goal range to win the game. Then Trubisky started to look nervous by missing throws and not seeing the open guy. For fucks sake, clay Matthews even gave us extra life when he roughed the passer on 4th down… and they still couldn’t get into range. Even as I sit here writing this blog, I don’t know how the final score was the bears losing by 1 point.

A few hours before the Bears game yesterday, Frank and myself were running routs in the local park with some friends. The very last play of the game Frank throws a 50 yard bomb to me as I break away from the defender. The ball went untouched through my hands and the corner of the football hit me directly in the eye ball. Which you can imagine, hurt like hell. Blood filled the eye socket and I laid facedown on the ground for 10 minutes. Today I look like shit.


I watched the entire Bears game with a bag of frozen pees on my eye. Some how, some way I have a feeling this loss is going to hurt longer than my damaged eye will. I like many other bears fans woke up this morning after a long night of rolling in bed with crust in our eyes and looked in the mirror and asked “How the hell did we let Aaron Rodgers win that game?”

There are a lot of positives to take away from this game. But in the end, somehow all Bears fans today will feel like Steve Carell’s character in Crazy, Stupid, Love. Bears fans are Carell and Rodgers and Packers fans are David Lindhagen. The Packers once again slept with our wife without our permission to do so. I mean is this the same feeling as the falcons losing a 25 point lead in the super bowl?? Absolutely not, but at some point you need to beat Aaron Rodgers and instead the Bears may have given him his greatest regular season win in his career.

This cuckheld bears fan,

Average Alex                  @AlexFlooood