The Only Thing Cooler Than Kash Daniel's Stone Cold Celebration Was Benny Snell's Spinner Mouthpiece

Listen, I’m not done talking about Kentucky football yet. This actually may just be a Kentucky football blog from here on out. I can’t help it. Rules are rules and that rule is if you end a 31-year losing streak you get a bunch of blogs about you. I didn’t write the rules, but I’m not a rule breaker.

First off you have Kash Daniel, who was a big time recruit for Stoops and company a couple of years back. They convinced him to stay home as a 4-star linebacker and the No. 12 inside linebacker recruit according to 247. He’s a bit of a lunatic, as you can see from the video. But my God is it an A+ celly. Everything from the chug to screaming that’s the bottom line. Most importantly referring to himself in 3rd person makes it even better. It’s just tough to top the Stone Cold celebration no matter the time or place.

But then there’s Benny Snell. I’m still willing to allow people on the Benny Snell bandwagon since all he does is produce. Seriously. He’s going to end up with better stats in a handful of categories than Herschel Walker, who was pretty, pretty good. Snell is the most productive back in the SEC and he showed it again vs Florida as he had 175 yards on 27 carries.

More importantly look at the tweet above. He ran for 175 yards with a damn spinner on his mouthpiece. That’s cocky and I couldn’t love it more. Over the last few years we’ve seen people go with different looking mouthpieces, whether it’s pink, the Duke punter going with the mustache, the fang looking one, but none top the spinner as you breathe.

Kentucky wants Georgia and then wants Bama and then Bama again in the national title game.