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Move Over Cowboys, The Cleveland Browns Are Now America's Team


Ever since I started writing here, I have been doing this thing where I revert everything back to the state of Ohio. I’ve been pretending that the entire world revolves around Cleveland and Columbus, but I didn’t realize until yesterday that it wasn’t an act at all. Ohio really is the center of the universe. The Browns tied a football game versus the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday afternoon. Whatever, happens all the time. I know they’re undefeated and all, but they haven’t won any games either. Didn’t realize this was going to be such a big deal. But boy was I wrong. First let’s start with Los Angeles native LeBron James, who literally could not stop talking about the Cleveland Browns yesterday.

We also had another NBA superstar, CJ McCollum, show up to Cleveland to support the Browns.

I get why CJ and LeBron were so amped up for the game, as they have roots in Ohio, but what about the face of Major League Baseball and home run derby champion Bryce Harper?


The Browns bandwagon seems to be filling up pretty quickly. Let’s check out the Barstool crew that purchased their seat on the Cleveland train yesterday.

Even my co-workers that haven’t become full-fledged fans yet still wanted to talk Cleveland Browns football.

I mean, should we just pick up headquarters and move them on over to East 9th? My apartment will be a little cramped but you’re all welcome to stay with me until you get settled in. In fact, why don’t we have Blogger School in Cleveland? It would be great to learn from the greats of the industry like Nate, Dave, and KMarko, and then I could turn around and teach them about championships. People forget that of all the major sport teams that Barstool workers support, it was a Cleveland team that last played for a title. Let’s learn from each other!


I-O!!!! Welcome aboard, boys.