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Chris Thompson Deserves All The Accolades And More For What He Did Yesterday

There were questions if Chris Thompson was going to be healthy enough to play week 1. There were questions on if he was going to be able to return to his old self and have the same abilities pre-leg injury that derailed his season last year where he was exploding onto the scene in a big way. CT25 has dealt with injuries his entire football career, and the Skins have stuck by him because they knew what he was capable of. And yesterday, we saw vintage Chris Thompson. 5 carries for 65 yards, that’s a 13 yard average for those keeping track at home, and 6 catches for 63 yards and a TD. Every time he catches the ball out of the backfield he is a threat to take it to the house. He’s so quick, so shifty, and so much fun to watch.

When both Thompson and Jordan Reed are healthy, the Redskins offense has so many weapons it’s scary. Crowder in the slot. Doctson on the outside. Paul Richardson showed his blazing speed yesterday. And of course ADAP. I can’t even imagine what Guice would do behind this offensive line. Could drive a bus through this hole:

Washington Redskins v Arizona Cardinals

All the credit in the world to CT for rehabbing and getting back to 100%. I can’t imagine the hell it is to do that year after year. He’s such a difference maker to the offense, and he clearly loves the game so, so much. It just makes me smile with delight to see him doing his thing again. This Redskins team is very likable, and probably the best all-around team we’ve seen in a decade. I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but I am very optimistic for the season ahead.