The Weekend Greenie Bag: Sunday Scaries Edition


By now football is winding down, and chances are your Sunday Scaries are starting to rise at a troubling rate. While we wait for the night game to kick off, I figured why not try and push down my own scaries by checking in and seeing what was on the mind of stoolies this week. With training camps opening before you know it, it’s time to start mentally preparing for another incredible NBA season. That is why you should know that the Weekend Greenie Bag is always open to you. The second you and a take or a question or just can’t fall asleep at night, we’re here for you. Simply hit me up on Twitter with #GreenieBag or you can email It’s easy and nothing is to crazy. Literally whatever is on your mind, I want to hear about it.

With that said, let’s check in on your questions…

Hey Greenie,

Just wanted to say congrats on the full time gig, you’ve been killing it the last few years and it’s well deserved.

VIVA! – Nick

Not really a question here from Nick, but I will thank you anyways. As I said when this news first broke, it wouldn’t have happened without all of you readers, and this blog is a prime example. Without you all writing in and giving me some content to produce on the weekends, who knows if this dream ever becomes a reality, so from the bottom of my heart I thank you.

Great question given today’s festivities. In order for this comparison to work, it needs to be someone dominant who is also also smart as fuck. After giving this some thought, while the age difference doesn’t exactly match up, I’m going to go with Larry Fitzgerald. A physical freak who can dominate his position, but is also smart as hell off the field. I feel like Jaylen is all introspective, calm cool and collected, and that’s the vide I get with Fitz. He’s also a guy that shows up when it matters, and outside of Game 7 from last year, Jaylen gives me that same production.

If I had to choose someone young, I’ll go with Stefon Diggs.

Greenie- congrats on the gig!

What’s the value of Terry Rozier around the league in your opinion? Do GMs believe he can be a legit point guard starting for a contender (like us)? If he’s as good as a starter would you feel comfortable using Kyrie to go get someone like AD? Viva! – Patrick

Thank you Patrick. It’s a hard question to answer because as is required by law, I have to overrate Rozier slightly when I evaluate him. To me he’s certainly a starting point guard in this league, I think his performance and production last year post Kyrie injury sort of took care of that question. He does still have offensive efficiency issues, but one of the questions he answered was whether or not he could be consistent if given an expanded opportunity. Now that we know he can, it will be interesting to see how other teams value him next summer when he’s a RFA.

I’m going to ignore your question about AD, only because there is zero chance he gets moved this season given his current deal. I also think it’s important to remember that even though things looked good without Kyrie last year, there’s still a substantial difference between Rozier and Kyrie. It wouldn’t shock me if someone like PHX offer him starter money next summer, which is why I’m just hoping Danny can pull some Jedi mind tricks on Terry and he signs an early extension. In my opinion his market next year will be much different than what Marcus Smart just had, and it wouldn’t shock me if someone comes knocking with $15M a year at least.

Hey Greenie,

Not sure if you’ve covered this yet because you’re a content machine but…..

Who is the better long term option, Marcus Smart or Terry Rozier? Non-stop grit vs offensive spark? – Mike

To be honest, this is like asking a parent which kid they love more. I think when evaluating these two players, it all comes down to what happens with Kryie. If he’s fully healthy and he extends and is here for the next 10 years, then Smart becomes more important for this team given his skillset and the versatility he gives you. But if Kyrie can’t stay healthy or leaves, then Terry instantly becomes more important to keep. That’s why Ainge is in such a pickle. If he can’t find a way to keep Rozier, this team doesn’t really have another point guard who can create his own shot and be that offensive spark.

If I couldn’t factor that in and just had to choose between the two players, given the offensive talent that is already on this team, I’m going to lean Smart. Not only can he guard multiple positions but hen can also run your offense. He’s a great P&R player, and the guy just impacts winning in ways no one else really does.

Well obviously the answer is no. Red Auerbach is and will forever be the greatest Celtics coach in history. That’s never, ever going to change. But if we throw him out, then Brad can absolutely take it. For reference outside of Red, here are the coaching win totals

Tommy Heinsohn – 427

Doc Rivers – 416

KC Jones – 308

Bill Fitch – 242

Chris Ford – 222

Then we have Brad currently sitting at 221. For him to catch Tommy, the Celtics basically need to average 50 wins over the next four years. Something tells me that’s pretty likely. Now if he wants to set his sights on Red and his 795 wins, well now things get a little more difficult. He’s 575 wins away from taking over the #1 spot, which is basically averaging 57 wins for the next decade. That’s not even something the Spurs were able to do so I’d consider that much less likely. I also don’t see Brad winning 9 more titles before it’s all said and done. Who knows, maybe we get 20 more years of Brad and he gets there simply because of longevity, but when it’s all said and done I think he’ll be comfortable in the #2 spot all time behind Red.

Not bad for a college coach in my humble opinion.

Hello Daniel,

It is Ryan from Salt Lake City. I wanted to congratulate you on being a big dick full timer. Wonderful stuff bud and deserved stuff!
My question is a two-parter. Part one: Would you give up players and assets to get AD or would you rather let it ride with the guys we do have and develop them? It’s a major source of contention with a lot of Celtics fans. Part two: When will you resurrect Janos?

Love you Bud, and congrats on the deal. Very well deserved. VIVA – Ryan

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I’m waiting out Anthony Davis. Either a few seasons until his price drastically drops and you can trade him for like 60 cents on the dollar, or for the chance he actually hits the market and you can just spend money on him. You have to figure that if NO does put him on the block, it’ll basically cost your entire young crop of talent to get him, and for me you’re already so good I don’t see why that would be worth it. Like you aren’t getting AD for like Marcus Smart and picks.

To the second part of you question, I’ll admit I’m a little concerned about the lack of Janos this summer. Is Ainge really that busy that he can’t throw out a couple tweets? I need Janos back and ready to rock by Opening Night or else the season just won’t feel the same.

Ant that’s it! As always thank you to everyone who wrote in, I certainly always appreciate the contribution. I’ll see everyone back here next weekend, I hope you have a great rest of your Sunday and the scaries aren’t too bad so far.