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The Saquon Barkley Era Begins Today

I have been watching that video on loop while praying to the Old Gods and the New that Saquon’s hammy healed up without issues. And by all reports, the latest freak mismatch in the Giants offense is ready for a full load of work today. Yeah I wish that the first game of the season didn’t come against the Jags because we won’t know if Benny Mac no longer being on the ones and twos will fix the offense. The Jags can make good offenses look bad not to mention that Tom Coughlin is probably looking to dole out some revenge like it’s a dish of Werthers. Worrying about Jalen Ramsey getting in Odell’s head and causing him to do some crazy shit will have me on edge all game. Our defense missing by far it’s best pass rusher against the BOAT is less than ideal. But I won’t complain because we may have a superduperstar at running back making his debut and we are riding him all the way to the playoffs.