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DeSean Jackson Remains The Most Influential Football Player Of The Last 20 Years

Now, I’m no narc. I enjoy a good time. I’m all for celebrations on touchdowns, especially on a pick six to essentially open the game on the road against a division rival. But for the life of me I’ll never understand how this keeps happening. Granted, the touchdown stood here because it wasn’t challenged but the point remains. Every year, multiple times a year, someone is going to toss the ball behind their back with reckless abandon a foot before they cross the goal line into the end zone.

It’s madness that everyone watched DeSean Jackson do it many moons ago and seemingly no one learned any lessons from that monumentally boneheaded moment. Just run legit two more strides and then take out a fork and knife and eat the football for all I care. You cross that line it’s like international waters – absolutely anything goes, you wont hear me complaining. Before that? Just keep on holding the ball. I wouldn’t lie to you, I promise you holding on to the ball is the best strategy when standing on a football field.