Kirk Cousins Already Handed His Own Team And Really America A Loss Before The First NFL Sunday

Fucking Kirk Cousins. The guy has one famous line yelling at the media and now he’s beating it into the ground. I mean don’t get me wrong he bodied those media guys and boom roasted them left and right in a wild move, but now it’s just gone too far.

You Vike That?

No, I don’t. It’s atrocious.

You like that happened nearly three years ago. Three years! You couldn’t come up with any new material in that time, Kirk? You’re a big time guy now, man. You’re in Minnesota and signed a pretty lucrative contract. You have to come up with something new. Until then I don’t think I can trust you as a franchise quarterback. Rules are rules.

How about the Vikings though here? Listed as an potential opposer. Hey Kirk, that’s your team man. What happened to doing it for the team instead of for you? PFT’s brother would be rolling in his grave if he heard this me-first attitude, so you better hope PFT doesn’t find out.