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Drake Dedicated His Show In Boston Last Night To Mac Miller

Very cool move by Drake there. There’s obviously been a ton of outpouring of love since the news of Mac Miller’s death broke yesterday and there will be a lot more. It’s cool to see Drake show love to Mac. It’s the first of many dedications we’ll see at shows.

I gotta be honest, I woke up this morning and still couldn’t believe that Mac Miller died yesterday. I’m still stunned. Some celebrity deaths hit harder than others and Mac Miller’s hit like mack truck. It came outta nowhere. Those hurt the most. Maybe it’s because he was only 26. Maybe it’s because I vividly remember hearing his music for the first time when my buddy Matt was like, “You gotta listen to this 18-year-old white kid from Pittsburgh.” Maybe it’s because I listened to Best Day Ever on repeat when I first started trying to get my own blog off the ground. Whatever the reason, it’s crazy that he’s just gone now. He had sooooooooooooo much left in the tank. What a talent. Sad as fuck.