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Damian Lillard Breaking News Is Pretty Great

Houston Rockets v Portland Trail Blazers

Suck on that Shams/Woj! Cuck city courtesy of All NBA point guard Damian Lillard. Pretty great how the tables have turned and we have a player actually breaking rather large sports media news on Twitter. Say what you want about his ability to go deep in the playoffs, and whether the Blazers should blow up their backcourt or not, but the facts are Dame has sources and he isn’t afraid to use him. Have to imagine ESPN/Yahoo/The Athletic is pretty bummed they spend all this money on guys to get scoops, only to be out scooped by a player. I like that he’s taking some power back too, since we all know how this type of stuff is handled with player news. We’ve started to see guys take to social media to announce their own news in creative ways before the media does, and now it appears more and more media types are going to Dame to drop their huge career news.

Frankly this is a HUGE oversight on my part with my own personal news, should have gone to Dame to break it. My hand is up on that one, that’s on me. I’ll be better moving forward. In the meantime imagine you’re one of these outlets who are trying to sign these writers, and you haven’t heard if your offer is accepted yet. Just sitting in a boardroom waiting to know if you’re signing one of the best in the business. Then you learn you missed out on a guy because Damian Lillard told you so. That’s pretty good.

Seeing as he’s obviously connected, I need this to continue into the real season. These guys have time during the trade deadline and all that. I need Dame to break all the Blazers news first. I need him to have his friends who are getting traded to leak it out to him instead of Shams/Woj/Stein. Hell, maybe he’ll even break his OWN trade if we ever get to that point. So many options as we head into next season.

All Star, All NBA player, franchise guard, legit rapper, and sports media news breaker. What can’t Dame do (other than you know, make a Conference Finals)?