Does This Look Like The Face Of A U of I Student Who Tried To Have Two Pounds Of Pot Brownies Delivered To His Dorm Room?


Press- Citizen- University of Iowa student faces felony drug charges after he allegedly received a package of marijuana brownies in the mail last month at his dorm. According to a criminal complaint, Burge residence hall staff on April 8 intercepted a U.S. Postal Service package intended for Christian Hernandez, 19, because it smelled of marijuana. The package was turned over to the Johnson County Drug Task Force, which delivered it to Hernandez, according to the complaint. Hernandez allegedly claimed ownership of the package and took possession, and he allegedly admitted to authorities he knew he was receiving marijuana brownies through the mail. Authorities also say Hernandez stated he had received a previous package of marijuana brownies and distributed the brownies to friends. The total weight of the brownies was 865.75 grams, or about 1.9 pounds.

Good job, good effort by this kid.  Some college kids get care packages from their moms while other college kids send themselves pot brownies.  Tomato, to-mat-o.  It sounds like having them delivered to the dorm worked the first time, why not try it again.  But I do have one question for this kid: why not just make your own pot brownies instead of risking having somebody smell them through an envelope and then you’re facing a felony?  That seems like the way to go.  But as I talked about in the blog about the kids who tried to make weed cookies in their class, I know nothing about these things so pardon my ignorance.  But one thing I’m sure of is that there’s weed in Iowa City.  I’ve seen it.  And there’s grocery stores in Iowa City too.  That sounds like the ingredients for pot brownies if I ever heard it.  Then again I’m a fucking square so I could be way off base.