Rob Ford Went On A Coffee Run With DeadMau5 And I Did Some Cliffnotes So You Don't Have To Watch The Entire Thing


How about DeadMau5 making a THIRTY minute youtube video of a car ride expecting us to watch. I love Rob Ford, probably the number 1 Rob Ford fan in the world but even I’m not watching this entire video. Nor should you. So after skipping around, here are the important parts. A cliff notes if you will.


Rob Ford gives ZERO fucks about his tie. Don’t think I’ve ever seen that move, where you buckle up your tie as well as your body. Throw it over the belt one time Rob. Look good play good.



-Rob Ford and his brothers love playing Monopoly and Risk. Said things get super heated at the Ford household when they all get around a board game. Would love to be a fly on that wall.


-Rob Ford’s order at Tim Hortons – FIVE shots of espresso. It’s almost like Rob is trying to find a replacement for crack or something.


-Rob Ford rocks the fat guy cup on your stomach look. Phenomenal





– I guess DeadMau5 had to put a disclaimer on his video that he doesn’t support Rob Ford’s politics. Fucking pussy. Go put another animal head on and hit play on a spotify playlist. Team Ford for life.





Until Next time. …