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Trump Supporter Threatens To Sue After 'Frozen' Actor Steals His Trump 2020 Flag During Show's Curtain Call


Fox News – “Frozen” actor Timothy Hughes was boiling mad during a curtain call on Broadway when he saw an audience member raise a “Trump 2020” banner – so he snatched it and tossed it aside.

Hughes — who plays Pabbie in the hit Disney musical – yanked the pro-Trump sign from the attendee, who was wearing a “Make America Great Again” cap in the front row of the St. James Theatre Wednesday night, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Look, I’m all for freedom of speech and peaceful protest and all the different freedoms citizens of our country are provided on a daily basis, but when you start messing with Frozen on Broadway in an attempt to get your point across, you need to take a big step back and figure it the fuck out.

It’d be one thing if this MAGA hat wearing buffoon tried to pull this stunt at a show with at least a hint of political undertones. I’m a pretty reasonable guy and at least then I could slightly understand where he’s coming from.

Taking a Trump 2020 flag to a performance of the hit Disney movie turned Broadway play, Frozen, and trying to make a political statement during the actors curtain call? That ain’t the one, chief.

This is a story about an ice princess and her quirky, misunderstood sister, who embark on separate journeys of self-understanding while singing multiple catchy songs, ultimately saving their city and the castle they’ve called home for their entire lives. It’s got singing trolls and a fucking snowman named Olaf who provides comic relief. What about any of that makes you think it’d be an appropriate place to make a political statement?

Kudos to Timothy Hughes, who ironically plays a troll in the play, for going on Instagram the following day and doubling down on his frustrations while refusing to apologize for ripping the Trump banner away from the actual, real-life troll. According to fellow theatre-goers, the Trump supporter remained outside of the venue after the show and was threatening to sue if his flag was not returned.

What a fucking loser! Hey buddy, perhaps you should just let it go…