I Could Watch Aunt Phee's "This Ain't No Motherfucking Prison Food" Cooking Show Forever


I don’t know what the fuck this is, it’s just something sweet for the fucking kids.



It was right around the premier of Top Chef and all those new cooking shows that everyone thought cooking was some fine art that needed fancy words and foreign ingredients. Everyone in the world now thinks they’re a chef, instagramming their dinner plates, working on their knife skills blah blah blah. Well fuck all of that. I want to get back to the nitty gritty. I want to get back to the real food. Just some sweet shit you put in a bun. That’s Aunt Phee’s cooking channel. No frills, no fancy ingredients or expensive lighting. Just Aunt Phee putting some raisins in some dough and frying that motherfucker until it’s nice and delicious. I would honestly watch this cooking show tomorrow if they put it on TV. Rachel Ray who?



Love Aunt Phee’s ability to change things up on the go. One second she’s making something sweet for the kids and the next she’s got herself a little old punk ass cinnamon roll. Two way player.