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Elon Musk Smoked A Blunt With Joe Rogan And He Was Terrible At It

So Elon Musk went on Joe Rogan’s podcast late last night. During the podcast he smoked a blunt with Joe and guess what? He was terrible at it. Just awful. Elon didn’t even inhale a little bit. He took a puff and instantly blew it outta his mouth like it was poison gas. Elon looked at the blunt like it was an artifact from a different species. “Is that a joint?” What a nerd. This is supposedly the guy (according to respect journalist Azealia Banks) who pops Ambien like they’re candy and who has recently started dropping acid. Yet he doesn’t know how to hit a blunt. Smoke weed for me one time before being broadcast in front of millions of people. It’s not all that surprising of course. Elon Musk can’t do anything right these days.

I watched about an hour and a half of the podcast last night before I fell asleep and it was WEIRD. Like super weird. Elon Musk is a weird mother fucker man. I already knew he was weird but I didn’t realize just how weird. At the beginning of the show they talk a lot about how Artificial Intelligence is gonna take over the world and kill us all. Well watch the podcast and you’ll know that Elon Musk is speaking on behalf of the AI population because he’s one of them. His movements are robotic. The way he talks is robotic. Watch his eyes after Joe asks him a questions. They dart back and forth like a computer processor attempting to load. He’s a computer. He answered questions like Sonny in I, Robot. I was waiting for him to tell Joe, “I have even had dreams.” He’s a robot.

Either that or he was on some other drugs during the podcast. He’s clearly smart as fuck but seems like that can be a curse in itself. He seemed super tired and depressed. Could be because the walls are closing in on him at his own company and all he wants to do is keep calling people pedophiles. Weird stuff.

PS- Where are the rest?